30.05 - 02.06.24, Berlin.

Federal Conference for Self-Determination in Berlin

The situation for trans*, inter*, non-binary (TIN*) people in Germany is changing. The German “Law on Transsexuals” (TSG) is history. There is a new Self-Determination Act (SBGG) – and it is less progressive than many had hoped for. At the same time, the future of gender-affirming healthcare is currently unclear. Both mediatized and political representation of TIN* people is stronger than ever before. Nevertheless, at the same time, “gender ideology” is a hotspot of right-wing conspiracy theories that can be traced to parliamentary debates and federal ministries. This is reason enough to forge new alliances and develop strategies to actively shape the post-TSG era!

This is why we are inviting you to QUEEROKRATIA – Federal Conference for Self-Determination in Berlin. We would like to invite participants from political associations, self-organized groups, professionalized activist groups AND YOU to Berlin to create synergies for good TIN* politics. We believe that queer voices are too quiet in discussions about TIN* people. Queer self-determination means collective participation, and such proactive political influence will henceforth be called – “queerocracy”.

Andrea Illés, "Feel Love 1”, digital print, 2022.

Queerokratie wagen!